Bridging Distance, Asking Questions, Forging Connections

Members of the Teachers for Global Classrooms 2017 Philippines Cohort are still about ten weeks away from leaving for Manila, but our cross-cultural, global learning has already begun. A Maryland-based history teacher in our cohort, Adam Schwartz, mentioned that he had a number of Filipino students in his classes who would be happy to help answer some of the questions we had about their families' homeland. A few of us put together a video of questions we would hoping they could answer for us and sent it off to Adam:

Our video gave Adam's students an authentic audience to speak to, and they were eager to respond. A few days later, Adam's students responded with a video of their own! Watch their answers below:

I find this little video exchange to be a small but energizing example of how this program is able to forge connections and foster global understanding. It's also a great example of a quick and easy way that technology can serve global education. I'm looking forward to all that awaits!

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